Changes the Living Status IGP support program

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Rita Khadka is one of a member in Saving & Credit program of GWP in Birgunj. Her husband has gone abroad in search of job and earn money. But for a long time he hasn’t send a penny for her & family to maintain their life. So for survival she started sexual activities. She had also involved in unsafe sex in this period. After meeting with OE, she was encouraged to join Saving & Credit program for her sustainability and to reduce risk behavior .After that she actively enrolled in Saving & Credit program and received Rs 3000.00 as a loan for the first time. With the money she bought tables, chairs for her small hotel. Now days, her small hotel is running well and she has paid her entire loan. Now she is capable and confident to manage the hotel. With a sound income from the hotel she has managed her two daughters’ studies in a school and collage. She has good knowledge on HIV/AIDS and STI. She has totally change the risk behave. And she is known as an active group member of GWP.