Convincing a denying husband for partner treatment

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This is about Mahendranagar ICC center,Dhanusha a female patient, who was suffering from STI like vaginal discharge, lower abdomen pain and Itching, came to check up about STI in the center. Her husband used to work in Delhi and visit home on holidays. After the examination the ICC service center provided some medicine and suggested for partner treatment. When she requested her husband to visit the center for treatment, she was even beaten by her husband and by her mother-in-low too. Then without having full course of medicine she came back to the center with her remaining medicine. But luckily at that time her husband came to center following her to find exactly where she is visiting. Where he was introduced as her husband then service center employees coolly interacted with him and explain about the STIs, its cause and consequences as well as the meaning and importance of partner treatment. During all this process he was impressed by the dealing and the service over their. Eventually he agreed for the treatment along with his wife and both of them were participated in couple treatment. They both presented in the next follow up and told about their improvement and took medicine for remaining period.