If we tried it could be changed

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Shila (Name changed) a permanent inhabitant of manahari VDC, Makwanpur. She hasn’t wanted to listen on HIV & AIDS topic during field visit (Outreach). Having repeated contact with her close relation was build up and then gives message on HIV & AIDS and proving her sexual behavior and discuss with her about these issues. After many time contact with her she was also positive towards us and then we are also motive to discuss on sexually transmitted infection and VCT services. She has raised some question about HIV & AIDS and opened her sexual behavior. She has some STI symptoms and said she has not use condom with her sexual partner in every sex act.
We referred them with their partners in Manahari mobile STI clinic. She came in a clinic and treated STI and also gone to VCT. Now a day she has cured and no STI symptoms followed in STI clinic. There are so much difference between past and present sita’s behavior. In the past we met sita hardly in the field, now days sita meet us regularly. She shared her friend what she know on HIV & AIDS issue and referred to their friends in a STI clinic. She have increased their condom carrying habit and reduced their sexual partner.To change community negative vision toward her she promised to change her own behavior first by working some small business to survive independent life.