Many interests, made FSWs

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Sita Chaudhari (name changed) is a 15 years old school girl studying in 9th class at Kachanapur, Banke. She belongs to a medium income level farmer family. She had come in STI clinic at Kachanapur for STI check up. During that clinic GWP staff informed her about STI. First of all she refused to admit she is involved in sex trade. After some time when she felt more comfortable with GWP staff she exposed her secret that she is involved in sex trade. She has been involved in the sex trade since the past 6 months. Mostly she goes to Samsergunj. Her clients are police men. If a client agrees to use a condom only then she uses condoms otherwise she didn’t use condoms. She is taking 200 to 500 rupees per intercourse.
She is very afraid of her father and the rest of the community. According to her when her father finds out about her activities she will be killed.
She is involved in sex for money because she is young and she has many interests such as fashionable clothes, tasty food, entertainment etc which her father can’t pay for. So to fulfil her interests she involved in sex with the help of her friend. After she found out she has been at risk of STI/HIV/AIDS because of her behaviour she also requested GWP staff to visit her village and meet more school girls and educate them like her.