Model of Success story among IDPs

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A 25-year-old young boy Mr. Hem (Name Changed) is a truck driver (transport worker).His permanent home is in Dailekh.5 years ago due to the conflict he came in surkhet and working as a helper in truck. Now, he is a driver of a Truck. In the driving time his truck halt in many places at that time he involved in unsafe sex with different age group FSWs in different places without using condom.

After listen his past history, GWP asked him why he doesn’t marry and practice the safer sex, then he replied us,” Those girls are easily available every where and I am satisfying my self without using condom with different FSWs in different way so I am not interested with a marital status “.

After some week letter, when he suffered from the few wounds around his penis, he came in GWP’s condom outlet point. After counseling, he went to clinic for the STI treatment. This made him free STI. During the treatment process, he got lots of knowledge on STI/HIV/AIDS and condoms which he had not hearted before.

Now he reduced his sex partners and use condom in every sexual contact. Now he became aware from STI/HIV/AIDS. He is going to planning to marry in near future