Selfish Man

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Sanu B.K (changed name) 20 years old married woman living in Khajura D Gaun, Banke. Now She is living in her parent’s home. Just 5 months ago she came with PE in DIC for the check up their STI problem and to know more about HIV and AIDs and STI. At the duration of the talking time with her. She expressed, “Sister, I m poor women. Two years ago, I fell in love and married with a police man and with in sex month, he left me, he married me only for sex. After then I was alone so I returned my parent’s home. My parents are old and my brother and sister also small. So, they had also mouth problem,. One day, I needed money so I beg with my female friends who are involving in sex trade. Then she suggested me to spent one night with one man then the man give you money. I needed money so I agreed and that first time I spent one night to another man. In the morning he gave me Rs.2000 of the night. That money solved my problem. But the problem never solved. so I involved sex rade. I never use condom with my clients. One day, your staff ( PE) came in my house and she informed me about HiV/AIDS/STI and condom .And also she suggested me to check up my STI problem in time. I want to know more about it, I want to continue my further study but I have no more money: after her voice GWP motivator
delivered the message suggested how to make better life and referred to dr. G.Raj Shakya clinic for STI treatment. “

After then, she regular visited GWP staff and performance and committement was good. Three months ago, she joined campus and studying I.A first year. In this duration, she came in DIc,she looks happy and told, “I joined campus and I will study with hardly. I couldn’t leave sex trade but I reduced my sex partner and I used condom regularly. I was also informed about HIV/AIDS/STI to those persons who doesn’t want to use condom. If I will get a good work, I will leave it surely. Thank you all, aware to me in time”
Nowadays, she is studying and regularly visited DIc and also she is supporting GWP by visiting new FSWs.