STI treatment in a dignified manner and with a very nominal cost

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Eeklash Devi Mahato, Yegabhumi V.D.C ward No.8, Dhanusha settled with her brother in law when his husband left for foreign empowerment before three years. She was suffered STI through his brother in law because STI symptoms appeared on him too. She knew that her brother in law was affected by STI.Yeklash Devi was getting terrified and could not think what to do. Suddenly, she got GWP ICC center through the local people. She completely cured and suggested to have only safe sex with correct use of condom. Now, she using condom correctly and consistently and not having STI recurrent. According to Eeklash Devi, there are lots of STI patients in the village. So, she promised us to take STI patients in ICC center.

Eklash Devi likes GWP’s programme very much, because according to her she would have spent a lot of money if she did not in-counter with GWP’s VCT service center. She said GWP not only saved her money but also cured her STI She likes to give thanks to GWP.