Story of Angrita Kishori Samuha

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Residence of Padampokhari -05, Makwanpur & Member of Angrita Kishori Samuha Miss Asmita Darlami illustrated that being a member of group taught her to deposit some of her saving. She didn’t have any knowledge that her positive opinion & positive attitude can contribute to her community to boost up her role and liabilities towards community. As she started listening Radio Program, she found some of the changes on her. She didn’t have any information about politics at that time. But after listening the program it encourage her to know more and listen interestingly. It helped her to know that youth are the backbone of the country. “If youth of the nation think positively and act positively, it certainly brings the positive results.” explains Asmita. Now she can solve some of the small problem in her and community & she is also involved in cleaning the surroundings in support of community people.