A HIV positive husband have safe sex with his wife

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GWP has mobilized a peer educator in the Laxmipur VDC, Dhanusha. The peer educator name Okil Jha reached to inform about VCT service among the target audience in the village. Where he found, a group of villagers who were preparing for migration for work, were chatting among themselves. He also participated in the chatting and during talk peers started sharing among themselves that they have to migrant for work because they are unemployed here and do not have any livelihood. Peer educator asked who is going to which country? And found now most of the people are interested to go to third country.

After chatting some time slowly people get dispersed and in this process when most of the peers where dispersed one guy shared with our peer educator that he has already made his passport and when he visited a doctor for the medical certificate the doctor informed him that he is medically unfit for working abroad. When he asked doctor why? Then the doctor said to him that there is defect in his blood and suggested him not to share food with other members in the family, do not sleep in the same bed, keep distance with other family members. He then share his anxiety that after hearing this he was quite disturbed and said with our peer educator that he fit enough and do not feel any weakness. I have checked my blood not because of any health problem rather because only for the purpose of making medical certificate for going aboard. I was thinking to go aboard with my soon and working 2 years, hoping to come back with some money and built house in the village. But now I am confused.

Hearing all his concern peer educator ask the service center where he has tested his blood but he could not named the center. Then peer educator suggested him to come to our VCT center with his wife and fixed date and time also.They guy came to the center with his wife. With pre test counseling there blood where tested. In the process husband was found positive and wife was negative. During the process of pre and post test counseling it was found that husband was unaware about risk behaviour and practicing it.

When wife was found negative both husband and wife feel relieved that at least one is safe and enjoyed it and accepted to lead non-penetrative sex in the future life.